Pogo Gold Mine Close-Up


 Aerial View of the Completed Earthwork at Pogo Mine


Delta Junction, Alaska


Client: Teck-Pogo, Inc.
Year Completed: on-going
AIC Manhours: >500,000 hrs.


The Pogo Gold Mine is located in the Goodpaster River valley 38 miles northeast of Delta Junction. The deposit will be mined using conventional underground mining techniques. The mine complex includes a mill, camp, airstrip, tailings pond, and road infrastructure. To access the mine on year-round basis, a 49-mile road was constructed from the Richardson Highway to the mine site.

AIC assisted Teck-Pogo in the conceptual planning of mine. We evaluated project costs, and identified materials and techniques that would best suit the development of this mine. AIC was awarded contracts to construct and develop both the main access road and the plant area earthwork for Teck-Pogo, Inc. We have also provided camp facilities; and operations and maintenance support.




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